Reading the Tarot

The Celtic Cross is a simple and ancient tarot reading method.  It creates a simple timeline that allows the wisdom in each card to shine through.  The querent can pose a question or just ask for unstructured insight.  With this query in mind, the reader and querent lay out ten cards in the arrangement below.

Celtic Cross

1. Present
2. Challenge / Obstacle
3. Unconscious
4. Past
5. Ideals
6. Future

7. Suggested Approach
8. Critical Knowledge
9. Hopes & Fears
10. Potential Outcome

1. Present: Current situation, physical setting, query
2. Challenge / Obstacle: Whatever is causing conflict or confusion in the Present
3. Unconscious: Unexamined attitudes and beliefs that are informing the Present
4. Past: The temporal, emotional, or mystical roots of the Present
5. Ideals: Worldview, core beliefs, highest ideas that shape the Present
6. Future: The temporal, emotional, or mystical results of the Present

7. Suggested Approach: Advised path by which the challenge will be met and the obstacle overcome
8. Critical Knowledge: Whatever crucial fact or truth, possibly still hidden from the querent, that is needed along the path
9. Hopes & Fears: Thoughts about the best and worst outcomes of the situation
10. Potential Outcome: Possible results, perhaps different from the 6th card, if the suggested path is taken

The American Tarot can be read using any method.  Reader and querent can arrange the 78 cards in whatever number, arrangement, or pattern feels appropriate in the moment. The reading method does not matter if it is infused with a real desire to seek wisdom. If intuition is strengthened, or even explored, the reading has been a success.