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Original Artwork

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Each card in the American Tarot started with an original pen & ink drawing.  These 78 original artworks contain the raw artistic inspiration behind the deck.  Some differ from the final card printings. They show  the creative process behind the deck.

Pricing Structure

Artistic labor does not translate into coins.   This arcane creative process produces artworks whose value lies outside the world of coins.  Therefore, when these original artworks do enter the world of coins (the market) they must react to it... they must be tariffed to guard against devaluation. 

The 78 original artworks of the American Tarot are each priced at 1.5% of the purchaser's most recent AGI (adjusted gross income).  This pricing structure is an attempt to translate the value of artistic labor into the world of coins.

To purchase artworks please reach out using the contact page of this website for artwork availability and to submit the appropriate tax documents.