A 21st Century Tarot

The American Tarot is a contemporary adaptation of the ubiquitous Smith-Waite deck.

The old deck's images and concepts have been updated to address 21st century American life.

deal with the intellect
and technology

deal with competition, wealth, and capital

deal with compassion, love, and emotion

deal with wisdom, insight, and revelation


In addition to the four suits, each tarot deck contains 22 unique cards that depict archetypal aspects of human nature.
In the American Tarot these 22 Arcana have been updated to deal with contemporary 21st century forces.


The American Tarot can be used to develop an app, make money, find love, or embark on a mystical journey.  In this way it is a neutral tool. But it advises its users to discover the nature of each suit, understand their potentials, and
be wary of their consequences.