The Major Arcana
✸ the realm of the High Priestess & Her 21 heralds ✸

Heralds of the High Priestess that guide us through the tarot

The four suits set up the environment and forces of the tarot.  The Major Arcana guide us through them. These 22 cards can be thought of as archetypes that illustrate human nature in relation to societal and cosmic forces.  They vary from the personal to the global, from the temporal to the infinite, and from the wonderful to the terrifying.

Waxing Heralds of the High Priestess

Half of the Major Arcana seem to work with the goals of the querent. They increase skill, wisdom, abundance, and strength. These 11 cards empower the stated goals of the querent and support them overtly. They are wonderful aides along the querent's path. Their messages of empowerment show the querent how to succeed in their task and increase their intuition.

The Magician, The Fool, The High Priestess, The Empress, 
The Lovers, Strength, The Hermit, Temperance, The Star, 
The Sun, The World

Waning Heralds of the High Priestess

The other half of the Major Arcana seem to question the goals of the querent. They bring challenges, transformations, and obstacles. These 11 cards are not negative. They are in some ways the most instructive because they invite the querent to question their own goals and worldview. If the querent and reader are open, compassionate, and honest... important insight can be gained.

Death, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Chariot, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Hanged Man, The Devil, The Tower, 
The Moon, The Last Judgment



Each Arcanum can be seen as a messenger of the High Priestess. Each speaks to us in a their own unique language. Some are wonderful, some are terrifying. Some wax, increasing the Astral Light... others wane.  It is up to us, and to you the querent, to listen honestly and openly to the High Priestess. Her heralds invite us, each in their own way, to commune with Her.